• World War II in Color


    If you have photos to share, or other contributions, please contact us at retropotamus at gmail dot com.


    1. On behalf of myself and at least two other 'Colourisers' whose photos you have posted on here without accrediting their work to them, I strongly advise you to post a message on here apologising for your indiscretion.
      Also that in future, you add a link to the site you 'borrowed' the images from.
      Doug Banks, John Witton and Mike Gepp

    2. I second what Doug said, a lot of time goes into researching and colorizing these photos. A little credit would be nice.

      John Winner

    3. Gentlemen - My apologies. Certainly not trying to pawn these off as my own. I guess it was unreasonable to assume that any credit you desired was inserted into the photos by yourselves as your mark? I'm not trying to be sarcastic, that was my assumption. As you may know, I colorize some photos as well, although certainly not as prolific as you guys, and do not add my real name. Because that's how I want it.

      I will not link to pinterest, which is how I find most of these photos. Linking back to pinterest just gets too squirrely. But, if you have a site or a blog, I'd be happy to link to that as well as add a permanent link at the bottom of my blog.

      I don't do this for any personal gain. I think you guys probably understand that.

      Keep up the fantastic work as I believe what you guys are doing is a great service.

      And John, which work is yours? Is it marked somehow?

    4. And I'm going to add one other note, and not to make this confrontational, but please spare the "threatening" tones. We would all be well-served to remember that THESE ARE NOT OUR PHOTOS and colorizing someone else's photos does not make them yours nor give you any enforceable copyright to those photos. And I'm quite aware of American copyright laws and fair use which is exactly how I use these photos.

      If you want to ensure credit, then I might suggest you tag your photos with your own credit, as you want it stated. In any event, now that I know your full names and your tags, I can certainly add that credit line to any post I make. Unless you advise otherwise.

      And if you do have a site or something you want me to link to, let me know and I'll add a permanent link to it and make a post highlighting your collection.

    5. Thank you for giving the credit. My photos are marked with a small rainbow square and a JW monogram in the corner of the photo, Mike Gepp marks his with Felix the cat and his name as well (on some of them) and of course Doug Banks' all say Doug with a rainbow globe in the 'O'.

      We are of course aware that doing this work does not give any copyright to the works in question. It was only a matter of credit for the colorization, which as you know takes a good deal of time and effort.

      Again, thank you so much for giving credit, it is very much appreciated.

      John Winner

    6. You guys are more than welcome to publish your stuff here, or to post other color photos as well. I'd love the help.

    7. Hello, this is a fascinating web page, but I was really disappointed not to find anything on the King's African Rifles (KAR) & the Kenya Regiment, both important British forces in WWII, but obviously based in Kenya. They (black, white & Asian forces together) fought in Abyssinia, Somaliland, Burma, Madagascar, to name a few places. It would be great to see their uniforms here.

    8. Oh dear, sorry I might have put my comment on the wrong page ...

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