• World War II in Color

    World War II Uniforms - A-Z

    The following lists the uniforms of every country that participated in World War II.  It is an ongoing list and will be re-posted every time it is updated.

    Abyssinia - 1941, Ethiopia, Private, Abyssinian Patriot Army
    Australia - 1941 Jan., North Africa, Private, 6th Division
    Australia - 1941 Mar., Syria, Private, 7th Division
    Australia - 1941 May, Tobruk, Private, 9th Division

    Australia -  Sergeant of the 47th Battalion, 2nd Australian Imperial Force 

    Source  Maryborough Military and Colonial Museum

    Australia - 1941 Oct, Tobruk, Private, 9th Division
    Australia - 1943 May, Sydney, Leading Seaman, Task Force 44, RAN
    Belgium - 1940 Apr., Belgium, Colonel, 1st Inf. Regiment
    Belgium - 1940 May, Belgium, Major, 1st Regiment, Belgian AF

    Brazil - 1st Division of the FEB 

    Bulgaria - Cavalry Colonel

    Finland - A Finnish trooper assigned to the KevOs 2 Infantry Regiment in late 1941

    German Afrika Korps uniform and equipment featured here

    Germany - 1945, Luftwaffe Fighter
    Germany - 1944, Normandie, Hauptmann Josef "Pips" Priller, Luftwaffe Fighter JG 26
    Germany - 1944, Mayor Heinz Bär, Geschwaderkommodore II./JG 1

    Germany - 1944, Oberst Hermann Buchner, Luftwaffe Fighter IV./SG 2
    Germany - 1944, Major Walter Nowotny, I./JG 54, JG 101 
    Germany - 1944, Hauptmann Joachim Brendel, Luftwaffe Fighter 1./JG 51, III./JG 51
    Germany - 1942 june, GenObst Eduard Dietl; Soviet/Finnish Border.

    Germany - Waffen SS 12th Panzer Grenadier Division Hitlerjugend - Normandy 1944

    Hungary - Infantry


    Kenya - Regimental Sergeant, 3rd Battalion, King's Army Regiment

    Mexican Air Force (being held)


    Poland - Infantry private, 1939

    01  wz. 1939 "rogatywka" garrison cap
    02  wz. 1937 "rogatywka" field cap
    03  wz. 1937  steel helmet
    04  wz. 1936  jacket
    05  dog tag
    06  WST wz. 1932 gas mask in a tarpaulin bag
    07  personal dressing
    08  leather ammo pouches
    09  wz. 1933 breadbag
    10  leather main belt
    11  wz. 1938 canteen
    12  wz. 1928 bayonet cover
    13  folding shovel in a leather cover
    14  wz. 1933 backpack with blanket
    15  standard army biscuit
    16  wz. 1931 mess kit 

    17  spoon + fork kit
    18  owijacze - belts of cloth used instead of socks
    19  boots
    20  GR-31 grenade - frag
    21  GR-31 grenade - concussion
    22  7,92 mm Mauser 1898a rifle
    23  7,92 mm ammo clips
    24  wz.1924 bayonet
    25  wire cutting shears

    Polish Uhlan (1939)

    01  wz. 1937 "rogatywka" field cap
    02  wz. 1932  forage cap

    03  "Adrian" French steel helmet
    04  wz. 1936 jacket
    05  wz. 1931 canteen
    06  dog tag
    07  leather ammo pouches for Mauser ammo
    08  main belt
    09  RSC gas mask with canister
    10  wz. 1924 bayonet cover
    11  folding shovel in a leather cover
    12  boots with spurs
    13  wz. 1931 mess kit
    14  personal dressing
    15  wz. 1934 cavalry sabre
    16  7,92mm Mauser 1898a rifle
    17  wz. 1924 bayonet
    18  7,92 mm ammo clips
    19  fork + spoon kit

    Poland – 1939 Sep., Poland, Tank Crewman, Armoured Corps
    Poland – 1941 Nov., Southern Russia, Sergeant, Polish Army in Russia
    Poland – 1944 Oct., Italy, Private, II Polish Corps
    Romania – 1941 June, Black Sea, Rating, Danube Flotilla

    Romanian Army

    United Kingdom – 1941 Jan., North Africa, Corporal, 6th Royal Tank Regiment
    United Kingdom – 1941 Nov., North Africa, Pilot, No. 112 Sqn, RAF
    United Kingdom – 1941 Oct., North Africa, Captain, 3rd King”s Own Hussars
    United Kingdom – 1942 Mar., St Nazaire, Sergeant, No. 1 Commando


    1. Where is the rest?

    2. It's an ongoing list. I re-post it every time it's updated.

      1. I still can't see the rest of the picture's.

    3. Probably best to credit the sources of these pictures before their publishers find out.

    4. doing a 1/35 scale us infantrymen france 1944, tan jacket or olive drab?

      1. The Jackets are called the M41 they are specifically Olive Drab 3, this tends to be closer to tan but look them up if you want specifics. The dark greens tend to be seen late '44 at the earliest with the M43 uniform.

    5. If I were you, I'd research something a little more unit specific. I've seen both color schemes. But I'm no expert by any means.

    6. Hello, you don't seem to have anything on Kenya & East Africa during WWII - King's African Rifles & Kenya Regiment. Couldn't you add them? They were an important part of the British troops in WWII.

    7. http://balaton-modell.gportal.hu/gindex.php?pg=3810089&gid=358062

      Here are a few Hungarian uniforms, maybe you can use them :)

    8. This is ridiculously awesome. Thanks for posting

    9. I have found one mistake, in description of Polish soldier equpment, "Poland - Infantry private, 1939" number 18 owijacze, names correct but description is an blooper.
      Owijacz (plural owijacze) was exacly same as puttee- belt of cloth used to wrap around ankles and lower legs.
      Cloth used instead of socks is called onuca in polish (plural onuce) and footwrap in english.

    10. Zdjęcie polskiego munduru skopiowane ;) z "Gazet Wojennych". Można to było chociaż dopisać nomen omen maczkiem.

    11. You should try to find some Mexican Air force Uniforms! Other than that, extreamly helpful! Thank you!

    12. http://schuster.ru/rsfsr-sssr-1918-45-gg/ - some Russian examples

    13. You should try to find some Brazilian Uniforms! FEB and FAB! Força Expedicionária Brasileira (Brazilian Expeditionary Force) Força Aérea Brasileira (Brazilian Air Force)

    14. Fantastic! You got it! Gotta an illustration of a soldier of the Brazilian, with American standard uniform, in winter, the Gothic Line Campaign in Italy in Oct '44 to Feb '45 ...
        You were great! Now, I have a challenge (which sounds more like a request please, lol) for you: get an illustration of the uniform of the legendary Chindits, Gen. Orde Wingate in Burma Campaign '42, the period in which they acted in conjunction with the 5 Chinese army Gen. Sun Li Jen, under the command of Gen. Stilwell. Japanese, Burmese and Indians are also welcome, but the 'Jungle Commandos' of Gen. Wingate, are rarer! See if you can, and right now, my congratulations for the invaluable contribution! Thank you, my friend!

    15. Ah! Before leaving, not to say that the graphics Romanians, Poles and Yugoslavs are at least spectacular, would not do any justice to his efforts to preserve the memory of this was that one way or another the most decisive event for the behavior and actions of contemporary man, in every aspect of modern life, it would be almost an insult! Congratulations extreme commitment to the memory of human history, the second Thirty Years' War, (1914/1945) by itself represents.

    16. why did you desecrate an illustration of a US soldier in ms paint

    17. Are not the same uniform! Not the British standard of jungle!
      The Yankees fought with the Chinese, (straining under Gen. Stilwell) while the Brits who fought with birmanese and Hindustani (in the case of Gen. Wingate's Chindits) used the pattern of the British jungle ... These same Ethiopians you showed (in 1936 against the Italians) were commanded by Gen. Wingate, but as commandos, (1942) in Burma! The commander of them was Gen. Slim, if I'm not mistaken ... Amid the Hindustani (when they came to the great India - Pakistan, Nepal, Bengali, Sinhalese, besides the Indians themselves -), Australians, New Zealanders and Malaysians. Are these 'commandos', favorite my troops! Maybe something inspired by the legionaries or the bersaglieri, whatever.

    18. Former Sergeant, New York GuardJuly 15, 2014 at 7:29 PM

      Illustration of "1944 June, England, Lieutenant, US Army" has one error. The bag worn around the neck, containing a gas mask, was made of black rubber, in order to be waterproof. In your picture it appears to be khaki canvas - this is incorrect.

    19. You have a Saki Indian Solider labelled as Japese

    20. how to get U trough z

    21. Thats an extremely occult looking british emblem on that helmet at the bottom.

    22. Thats an extremely occult looking british emblem on that helmet at the bottom.

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