• World War II in Color

    Pigeon Power

    An RAF crewman displaying a pair of pigeons that were carried by Avro Lancanster bombers. The idea was that if the bomber crashed in German-occupied territory, the crew could release the pigeons. The pigeons would fly back to the home base to deliver a message about the crash. Before electricity and telegraph, homing pigeons were used as a sort of a mail service to deliver messages.

    Crewmen of Liberator GR Mark VA, BZ818 'C', of No. 53 Squadron handling carriers containing homing pigeons at St. Eval, Cornwall, after a patrol over the Bay of Biscay. Sergeant J Knapp of Toronto, Canada, (in the hatchway) hands a carrier to Sergeant W Tatum of London, while Warrant Officer A Mackinnon of Auckland, New Zealand, holds a second carrier.


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